Basic CMS Web Content Mangement Application

A free, fast bare-bones Web Content Mangement system. No fluff.

Web Content Management

Fast and Simple Basic CMS is a basic web content management application based on using Database is a simple Microsoft Access database.

Free Web Content Management System Features Features of the Basic CMS: Easy to install, simply copy the files into a folder and it's ready to run. Simple file manager can upload and delete images or other documents. Edit your pages on the fly with your web browser, a preview is shown on the same page as the edit screen. Full control over the pages. Unlike most web content management systems, you control the complete look and feel of your pages. You are not "boxed-into" a certain format or required to use a theme as in many other content management systems. Basic CMS is ready to be built into existing products to add content management functionality. Basic CMS is open-source released under the General Public License, refereed to as GPL. If you are ready to give basic-cms a try, visit the license and download page.